5 Air-Purifying House Plants That Are *Really* Hard To Kill

by Shuffling Suitcases on February 18, 2021

They say, a home is where the heart is and there’s nothing we could really agree to more. Home is a comforting feeling that brings the family together, and should be no less than your personal paradise. 

And what’s a better way to amp up your paradise than filling up your home with plants that not only make your space look lush, green but also purify the air?

Here’s a list of 5 perfect air-purifying plants that are hard to kill!

1. Aloe Vera-

One of the most common finds in Indian homes, Aloe Vera is a sturdy, hard-to kill and a very low maintenance plant. It is great at removing formaldehyde from the air. Other than that, it has many skin and health benefits and is great for DIY beauty packs. 

2. Money Plant- 

Perfect for beginners and a delight for home decor lovers, money plant is the easiest to grow out of them all. It makes for a beautiful hanging plant with its trails adding the perfect amount of green to your home.

3. Boston fern-

A natural humidifier, Boston fern is great to fill up blank spaces and looks great in hanging baskets too. It is the perfect plant for you, if you are looking to amp up your bathrooms.

4. Snake plant-

A very sturdy and hard-to-kill air-purifying plant, it is great for people who want plants that are easy to maintain. Just water it once a week, or even less and it’ll be good.

Note- Don't over-water it. It is one of the most common ways to kill this otherwise tough plant.

5. Peace Lily- 

Often considered a good luck plant, peace lily purifies air and produces beautiful blooms that are a delight to witness.

Get your share of green now!