5 Ways To Have The Most Productive WFH Day!

by Devyani Kapoor on January 23, 2021

Hello guys,

Hope you’re doing well and staying productive in the lockdown.

With everyone stuck at home in quarantine, Work From Home is slowly becoming the new reality of the corporate world. In such a time, where you have to manage the household chores while killing it at work, your productivity can take a toll. So, here are a few quick tips and tricks for you that will truly organize your life and make you more efficient. 


1. Wake-Up Early

One key trait that almost all successful people have in common is their good morning habits. Waking up early, while the rest of the world is still in their beds gives to the time to clear your head and plan your day ahead. Especially during this time, it will give you a lot of time in your hands to do your household chores too.


2. Make a To-Do List

Before you begin your day, it is important to have clarity on the chores that need to be done, work assignments that need to be finished- to have your priorities in place. Make sure to take 10 minutes while having your morning tea to prepare a to-do list for yourself. It will help you divide your time well, increasing your efficiency.



3. Get A Little Exercise

Physical activity of any form is known to improve your physical and mental health, increasing your productivity ten-fold. Make sure to indulge in at least 30 minutes everyday- be it yoga, high intensity home workout or a treadmill run. You’ll see the difference yourself.


4. Dress-Up

Though sitting in your PJ’s and working in bed can pass as luxury sometimes, but following the same routine everyday can be a mood killer. Make sure to take some time to dress up in the morning. It will set your mind in place and help you focus better. Not to forget the feel-good factor and confidence dressing-up brings along.



5. Set-up a work desk in your house

There is no worse thing you can do to yourself than lying in bed and working. It makes you feel lazy and affects your productivity to the point where you might just end up sleeping instead of preparing for that presentation (at work). To avoid such embarrassing situations, make sure you have a designated work-station for yourself.