Herbs To Grow With All Things Available At Home

by Shuffling Suitcases on January 23, 2021

Gardening is one of the most therapeutic activities known to mankind. The satisfaction of growing, nurturing and harvesting your own crop is unmatched. Since now is the time when we are all sitting at home with nothing much to do, gardening can come really handy in uplifting the spirits while providing you access to home grown herbs.

Here’s a list of herbs that you can grow without stepping out of your home.


A must have in every Indian spice box, mustard makes for a great kitchen herb for beginners. Just add a few seeds (rye seeds/ Indian mustard) into a pot full of soil, water it and you’ll have mustard leaves in a week. 



Get ready to have ‘dhaniye ki chutney’ everyday as you’ll be soon growing coriander all by yourself. Just take half a fist full of coriander seeds, crush them under your feet and sprinkle on soil. Make sure to water when the top soil is dry.


Not only is methi super easy to grow, but also has innumerable health benefits. Just take a few seeds, soak them overnight in water and sprinkle on soil. Water the soil and you’ll see some leaves very soon. Methi leaves are great microgreens too!


Take a few mint twigs from your vegetable bundle and put them in water. Keep changing water everyday and in about a week when you see roots, transplant into soil.


Take a few seeds, soak them in water overnight and sprinkle them on some soil  and in a few days, you’ll have amazing fennel growing in your garden.
A few other greens that can be grown very easily at home are wheatgrass (super healthy), tomatoes and carrot, radish greens.

Happy growing guys!