Natural Dyeing and Soot'able Printing

by Shuffling Suitcases on January 23, 2021
Since the inception, we have worked alongside brands who come with a strong story. And not just any story, but a sustainable one.
One of them has been the brand Basal Studio that we launched on our online address recently.
The homegrown sustainable brand specializes in natural dyeing and eco printing on carefully sourced natural fibers. A method that is one with nature, doesn't involve any chemicals in the process and is extremely safe for the environment and for the skin. 
The raw materials for dyeing include garden and kitchen waste, discarded flowers from weddings, temples and other events as an endeavour to reduce organic waste being dumped into the landfills; release toxic gases in the environment as they decompose with other waste.
Other dyeing agents include natural chemicals such as vinegar, alum, salt and iron. Everything that is either found in nature or/and are consumables, ensuring that the manufacturing method is toxin-free. All the post production waste is compostable and biodegradable.   
Striving to ensure the practices of sustainability in every aspect of the business, the brand's product tags are printed with industrial carbon waste soot on watercolour paper. Soot is made by converting the industrial pollutant into ink for printing on paper and textiles. Another way of reducing the use of harmful chemicals in our everyday life.
In this era of industrialisation and mechanisation, soot is a very common waste by-product and an air pollutant. The commercial name of soot is Carbon Black. Carbon Black (methane & acetylene based) is widely used as an inorganic pigment in the tyre industry as well as in cartridges for printing on paper.
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